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Welcome to the growing list of Departments that have either purchased or have in the latest budget, the purchase of the Drift Lift.

Both Indiana and Ohio State Police get to try out the Drift LIft on their fleet of Dodge Chargers 

THe latest vehicle to be fitted with the Drift Lift is the AWD Ford Explorer. See below.

The Diablo Drifter DRIFT LIFT is a patent pending Skid Simulator for the teaching and practice of vehicle skid control.

The DRIFT LIFT has been designed to allow the rear wheels to be raised, reducing the contact patch of the tire to a level where the tire will lose traction with the surface of the road, this allows the vehicle to enter a skid at speeds considerably slower than normal.

The fine adjustment possible with the DRIFT LIFT allows you to vary the speed at which the vehicle will enter a skid, this makes the DRIFT LIFT ideal for students of all skill levels. 

The unique design of the DRIFT LIFT allows the device to be transported in the trunk of the vehicle and be fitted in just a few minutes. No longer is a dedicated vehicle necessary to practice or teach skid control.

with State and local funding harder to find, the Drift Lift gives you the tools to teach your officers vehicle skid control in a safe and controlled enviroment. 


IMG 4859IMG 4938 IMAG0062Ford Explorerrichmond police

Don't get caught in a spin. Call (317) 748- 2949 for more information on the Diablo Drifter DRIFT LIFT.