The Diablo Drifter Drift Lift has been designed and tested as a vehicle skid simulator, for the teaching and practice of vehicle skid control

Diablo Drifter Drift Lift should never be used upon a public highway. The fitting of the Drift Lift to a vehicle will alter the vehicles handling characteristics significantly, making it unsafe to be driven in close proximity to other vehicles, property or persons. The Drift Lift has not been designed for use above 30mph (50km/hr)

Visually inspect all equipment for clearance and unusual wear. Use or installation of the Drift Lift may affect your insurance and/or vehicle warranty coverage. The customer assumes all responsibility for the use of all equipment and the proper maintenance of said equipment. Please wear your seat belt and demand that all passengers do so as well.

  1. Diablo Drifter LLC assumes no legal responsibilities and/or liabilities, whether to your vehicle, person(s), and/or property(s), that result from the use of a motor vehicle of which this product has been installed, or to any other vehicle(s), person(s), regardless of whether or not this products has any involvement directly or indirectly and/or liability, and/or whether or not this product has been properly installed. The installer(s), user(s), and/or person(s) attempting to install and/or liabilities whether to person(s), property(s), yourself and/ or others. This legal disclaimer is acknowledged by person(s), user(s), driver whom installs, drive and/or use this product. Whether or not this product is purchased, given and/or any other means of obtaining this product.
  2. Installation of this product will act as an acknowledgement of the legal and product disclaimer stated herein.

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